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Saturday, 4 August 2007

Good Evening !

Well what a weekend I have had! My brother and his family have been here since Thursday, then my cousin came on Friday with her family and then Pete's niece came with 2 of her friends on Friday as well. We have also had guests in as well as opening the Steak House. Been busy - which is always good for the bank manager - so haven't had a lot of time to myself. Haven't been doing many layouts - I think I got 2 done this morning for my sister - and I have had a few minutes here and there to work on my kits and bits.

I have 3 kits nearly ready - Maryfaith, Daffodil and Lemon Sorbet - as well as some papers, some frames and a sampler or two. I never realised that designing could be as addictive as the scrapbooking itself. Thankfully I have a lot of help and advice from Nina.

Oh and what a lovely surprise I got today!! Nina showed me a preview of her new kit and it is soooooo gorgeous. That's all I am saying about it at the moment - not even giving the name away just yet. But I can say I was really touched when I saw it. To find out you will just have to go over to her blog - Nina - to find out more.
I can't wait till it is officially available then I am sure I will be doing loads of layouts with it.

I've also downloaded loads of tutorials for Photo Impact and Adobe Photoshop from Scrapgirls.com and Divine Digital. They are great when you are starting out with these software programs. Going to be trying out "how to make a ribbon" and "how to make a brush from a jpg". I know they may sound simple but when you have a brain like mine it can take a bit longer than normal to learn lol. The tutorials are brilliant as they work in steps - easy enough for me to follow so anyone can do it. When I get my first brush done I will let you all know.

Well tomorrow everyone leaves - except my brother and his family - so hopefully i should have some time in the afternoon to get some more work done on my kits and bits - might even have a freebie to put on here for you all. I've decided that I will be deleting one or two of the earlier freebies in a few days so if you want some of my earlier ones please download as soon as you can. "Impatiens" will definitely be going and possibly "Life is like a Butterfly" but I will replace them with something new for you to try. Not too happy with the papers in Impatiens so that is the first to be deleted.

If anyone has any ideas for new kits - colours or even themes - I will try my best to do them for you. Just let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email.

Right off to bed now as it is 1.15am and I am shattered.

Thank you all for visiting and speak to you all again soon

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Shell said...

Well I found you lol. I wanted to ask what the song is that plays on your blog. I like it but dont see your player to see who sings it lol. I kept your blog open one day just to hear this song over & over lol. Thanks for all your hard work & sharing.

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