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I started Scrapping at the end of March 2007 while recovering from major abdominal surgery. Now I'm hooked and enjoying every minute of it all. I have made so many friends who have helped me along the way. I have learnt so much and am inspired with each page I see and each comment I receive for my pages.
I hope you get some inspiration from my work

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New Products for March 2010


Friday, 19 March 2010


This weekend we have a GRAB BAG sale at Michelle Boroni Store and I have a CU (& PU ok) grab bag there for just $4

There are 5 new items mainly with a spring theme and you can grab them for just this weekend so get over there and grab a bargain :)

Just click on the image to go to the store

Sunday, 14 March 2010

And here are your freebies for my latest 2 kits
Just click on the image to download

Well Hello There!!! Ive been MIA as I have been struck down by some bug - I thought at first it was just a little cold but then it went to bronchitis and now I just cant seem to shake it! Some days I feel ok and then the next thing Im back to coughing and choking! Hopefully it will be gone by next week :)

Anyway I have 7 new items for you in my stores now

As it is Mother's day here in the UK I did 2 kits to celebrate the Mothers, Mums and Moms in our lives. We have a vintage style kit and a modern style kit for just $2.50 each. Freebies for these two kits are available on the next post

Then I have a set of 18 animals that will work with the kit - WILD THING
This is in stores for $1.50

Then we have four Commercial & Personal Use items

Two sets of Crosses for just $1.50 each and also 2 sets of cupids for just $1.50 each

So these are your bargains for this fortnight and there will be more to come in another two weeks :) Easter soon so watch for some lovely little kits for that holiday

There will also be some more CU & PU items which I already have ready for you all but I'll just put a preview in the 'coming soon' slide show for you all to see

And dont forget the free gift at Angels That Scrap!! When you spend $3 or more you get my kit - CHOCOLATE MEDLEY - for FREE!! So get over there and grab some bargains - Faye has some gorgeous items in her store as well and the $3 is not just to be spent in my store but hers as well :)

Thursday, 4 March 2010





Sunday, 28 February 2010


Here are the freebies for you of my newest kits in store

Just click on the images to download

I just cant believe it is the start of another month already!! Is it me or is time flying by so quickly that we dont notice??

Well I have 2 new kits and 3 CU items for the beginning of the month for you all. There will be freebies for the kits as well so watch this space :)

First we have
Perfect kit for St Patricks Day in wonderful shades of green and cream.
You can see the preview above
In stores for $2.50

Next we have
A beautiful kit in shades of brown, green and cream with loads of animal stickers and everything to make your layouts just look fantastic
In stores for $2.50

Then we have 3 sets of Overlays - 3 in each set and in stores for just $1.50 each set

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Need my head screwing on lol

I'd forget my head if it wasnt screwed on properly lol
I forgot to put the preview of Dark Garden on the last post as well as the freebies for them both so here they are for you :)
Just click on the images to download


Here are the new items that will be appearing in the stores from tomorrow :)
There are 2 kits - DARK GARDEN & PRETTY PANDA

Dark Garden is a gorgeous dark kit with loads of birds, butterflies and flowers - wonderful for your nature pics

Pretty Panda is a cute kit designed around some cute little pandas - perfect for the little girls in your life :)

Both on sale for just $2.50 each

I know I said I had done 50 overlays but I have only put 28 of them into sets for this month. The first set has 4 overlays and the rest have 3 overlays

All are on sale in stores for just $1.50 a set

Monday, 15 February 2010

Firstly let me say sorry for not being around much for the past couple of weeks but things havent been so good at my end - few bad days that kept me away from everything but this weekend I have been busy and have some new items coming into the stores over the next few days.
There are 2 new kits which you can see below and I'm quite pleased with them both especially the Dark Garden Kit

Both kits will be on sale for $2.50 in all stores and there will be a freebie for both of them when I get them in the stores :)

I have also been busy making overlays for my commercial items and have made 49 new ones - Yes 49!! so I have split them into 15 packs of 3 and 1 pack of 4. These will be on sale for $1.50 in all stores as well. There is quite a mixture in there as well so as soon as I have them in the stores I will post on here and you can go and grab yourself another bargain or two :)

Monday, 1 February 2010

1st February and new items in stores with freebies!!

Well it's already 1st February and time for more new items in the stores. You can see all the new items in the slide show at the top of my page here.

There are 3 new kits each with a freebie for you - you can just click on the image to download.
The remainder of the new items are commercial & personal use and all of them are at great bargain prices for you.

They are all available in all my stores so pop over and get yourself a bargain or two :)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

More New Stores

Well I am definitely so excited now!!

I am now part of the design team at 5 stores :)


Angels That Scrap

Dazzling Scraps

Michelle Boroni Store


Sugar n Spice Scraps

So now I am really spreading myself around the world :))

So for the past couple of days I have been uploading into the stores so everything is available for you there.

There are also new items due out at the beginning of February and you can see the previews in the slide show above. So far there are 3 kits and 4 commercial & personal use items. Im sure by the beginning of the month there will be at least a couple more items :)
The freebies will be on here from the 1st february for you all so dont forget to call in then and grab them.

Saturday, 23 January 2010


I have some great news!!!

I have just been accepted into a new store


I am just uploading my items into the store now and have already added to my gallery there. So everything will be ready to go within the next 24 hours.
I decided that I would have more time to design this year and would concentrate as much as I could on it. It will also help with my 'condition' - Cyclothymic Disorder - and it would help me focus more. Even on my 'bad' days it will give me something to work on.

So there will be plenty of new items - both Personal and Commercial Use - coming throughout the year :) I already have a few items ready to upload to the stores for next month and you can see them in the slideshow above.

Meanwhile at Angels That Scrap we will be starting the challenges again - not too many but enough to keep you busy. We'll also have a few coupons with various discounts throughout the year as well as the sales.

At Scraphead we have a sale on and some of my older items are now on sale with some of them having a saving of 65%!!!

Definitely a few bargains to be found so why not nip over to them all and see what we have on offer - not just me but the other designers as well


Friday, 22 January 2010

Link repaired

I am so sorry but it seems that the link to the Chicky Boo freebie was the wrong one :(

It is now repaired and available for you

So sorry


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