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Thursday, 2 August 2007

Good Morning to you all

Well today I thought I would write a little something about my past few days as they have been so busy with everything.

I uploaded my 3rd kit at the beginning of the week and had nothing but trouble trying to send it through to Carol at CJS. It just wouldn't go at all. We tried countless times and I even split the file into 2 to make it a bit smaller. Did it work? Did it heck!! In the end Carol told me to just send her the preview and 4shared link so now hopefully it will be up and running on CJS as well as here.
In the meantime I have been "clicking and saving" as I like to call my experiments with PhotoImpact and Paint Shop Pro. These programs are amazing and I have never really looked at them before - well not properly - to see exactly what they do. Last night I managed to tweak about with another Kit and make everything look 3D instead of flat. Was I impressed? You can bet your bottom dollar I was! I even managed to make some papers which have a shine to them but look a bit like knitting so watch for them coming on here. As I experiment I will make a few freebies available to you all.
When I started 5 months ago I never dreamt that I would be making my own kits so soon. I would sit there looking at all the gorgeous kits and be so envious. Now I'm still envious but feel happy with myself that I have been able to learn so much in such a short time. This is all thanks to my new found friends who have encouraged me so much.

Today isn't going to be a "working on kits" day as I have guests coming in for the weekend which hopefully is going to be as busy as last weekend - ran out of stock in the Steak House on Saturday. Well most of the guests are actually family. Today I have my younger brother and family coming through for four days, tomorrow I have our cousin coming for 2 nights and also a niece of Pete's coming for 2 days so should be quite a family reunion as they all live in different parts of the country - Yorkshire, Wales and Essex - and don't get to see each other very often. So I should have plenty more photos for scrap pages as well. I've also got other guests coming in but they aren't until Saturday for a couple of days. Maybe I will get a couple of hours on here later tonight when they have all gone to bed.

We have been lucky this week as we have had a lot of door knockers during the week so have had guests in all week. Not loads but enough to keep us busy. I had Tuuesday night off so went out to a friends for coffee and chat. Always end up talking business though lol. So you can understand why I love coming on here and visiting my sites so I can talk to others about everything except business!.

My 3 little grandsons , Ryan, James and Daniel, will be here later on today as well so it will be crazy time again. They have so much energy that it makes me tired just watching them. lol. They are on school holidays at the moment and don't go back to school until September!! It's a shame that our busiest time is during their holidays so we don't get to take them out for the day very often. As you can see from some of my layouts they love going to the local paddling pool so thats the place we go or crab hunting or feeding the ducks before bed.

Well I am going to finish for now as my Brother is here so have to go through and sort them out.

Lastly, a massive Thank you to all who have downloaded my kits. With every click of the download button you encourage me more - keep it up and I promise to make better kits for you

Speak to you all later

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