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Tuesday, 19 February 2008


I just had to share this page with you all today as I have had such a fantastic day.

I have always wanted to go on a safari and as money is tight we decided to go to one of our wonderful Safari Parks in the UK. We went to Knowsley Safari Park in Prescott near Liverpool which is about an hour away from us.. As the Grandsons were on school holiday for a week we decided to go today so they could come with us.

What a day we had! There are signs everywhere saying "Keep your windows closed" and "Do not get out of your car" and I am sure they are there for a reason but Pete (hubby) and Gareth ( eldest son) thought they knew better.

First we met the Lions in their compound. Pete didn't like the shine from the sun on the car windows so decided to open them to get clear photos (will be doing layouts of them soon). Then onto the Rhinos who were just strolling around and crossing the road in front of you. Everything was going okay even though me and Emma (Gareth's partner and mother of the 3 Grandsons) were shouting continuously to close the windows.

Now they do say that the best lesson is the lesson that is learnt the hard way and this is so true. I stopped shouting after the next little episode - probably because I was laughing hysterically and couldn't shout!

We followed the road and came to the Emu area. There was the Emu pecking at the van in front of us so Pete took photos through the open window as the bird was occupied elsewhere and not interested in us. Then the van drove off and the Emu came towards us so Pete closed the window to take some more photos.

Lesson learnt do you think?

Not really!!

The Emu wandered off behind us to the next car and pete saw a Baby Deer next to the fence so, thinking he was safe, opened the window, stretched his arm out with the camera and snapped away. Next thing the grandsons are screaming " Grandad it's attacking!!" Then Gareth and Emma saw it come back towards the car - the kids were sat in the boot area of our estate car so saw it a lot sooner than Gareth and Emma did - and they started to shout. By this time Pete realised the "Killer Emu " was coming back - AT HIM!!
He tried to close the window (electric ) by pressing the centre console but forgot to bring his arm with the camera back in before he did it.
By the time the Emu was back he had the window closed (with his arm back inside as well), the kids were still screaming, Gareth and Emma were still shouting and as for me ---- well I was wetting myself with laughter!! I thought I was going to have a cardiac as I was laughing so much.

The Emu eventually moved away and we drove on with our windows TIGHTLY shut lol

Each time I have written about it or even thought about it I have been laughing so hard I'm crying. Pete says "I am cruel as he could have lost his hand and even the camera and then what would I have done? "

What would I have done???

Then I probably would have wet myself LOL

click on image to enlarge

Anyway we had a fantastic day, the kids enjoyed themselves as did we and we will definitely be going back (with windows closed I think).

You can click on the link above to have a look around Knowsley Safari Park. And if you are ever in that area - Go!! You will love it!

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