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I started Scrapping at the end of March 2007 while recovering from major abdominal surgery. Now I'm hooked and enjoying every minute of it all. I have made so many friends who have helped me along the way. I have learnt so much and am inspired with each page I see and each comment I receive for my pages.
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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Freebie Kit :)

Well it is now 2.15am and i have just finished working on new items or the stores.
The first item is a freebie kit - yes a full kit! - which is available at Angels That Scrap. It is an update of a kit I brought out a while ago but n green. I changed the colour to brown and thought I would give it away as a freebie to thank you all for your custom and also for your patience with me over the past few months while I have been getting my life and my computer into order.
You just have to click on the image to go to the store and download it

I have also been working on a set on Mini kits to do with Chakras. As some of you know I am involved with a Psychic and Spiritual Club here in Blackpool and last night while I was sat there the idea came to me. So i started as soon as I got home and didnt get to bed until gone 2am and have been working on it most of today as well. It is now finished and ready to go into the stores within the next day or two. These will be on sale for $1.25 each so a great bargain there for you. Each colour represents a different Chakra and each set has either 3 or 4 papers as well as a few elements including candles done in the chakra colours. The papers are textured and one of them has a candle as background image. I have also included a small sticker which shows the chakra positions in the body.

I'm also working on a few other items ready for Christmas and the New Year.
But for now I think my bed is calling lol - too many late nights and I wont have any energy to work on anything at all

So please pop over to Angels That Scrap for the freebie, pop into Faye's store as well and have a look at the sale she has on.
Also Scraphead is having a sale of 65% off in everyones store so you will definitely find a bargain or two there

So good night and catch you all tomorrow :)

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