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Friday, 12 September 2008

Charity Night held 11th September 2008

Well here is the update on the Charity Psychic Night we held here last night in aid of

I was thinking that I would maybe get about 30 people coming and decided that if we made £300 (about $600) I would be happy. We sorted out the raffle prizes the night before and found that we had 25 large prizes and 59 small prizes. The first 25 tickets drawn would get one of the larger prizes (done in order of price) and then everyone else would get one of the smaller ones at least.

It was starting at 7.30 but the first people arrived at 6.30pm and by 7.30pm the place was full!! We even got 8 people show up a bit late and they ended up sitting on the floor - which they were happy to do.

The two mediums who worked - Monty Havelock and Helen Chadwick - are friends of mine and Pete's and they both worked for free and what a night it was!! Absolutely fantastic!!

The atmosphere was wonderful and everyone had a fantastic time.

We got rid of all the prizes in 20 minutes lol. Once we saw that everyone had a prize we were just wandering around the room and looking for numbers to call lol

Then someone brought in a large Bull Dog soft toy which had been signed by Phil Mitchell (of Eastenders fame) and we got £65 ($130) for that as well as £20 ($40) for a bottle of Brandy

The Grand Total for the night was an astounding

£470 (about $950)

That was the biggest surprise of all. I never thought we would make that much. The response was fantastic - 60 people attended altogether

So that will help one family to stay at Donna's Dream House for a week with everything paid. I have put a link to the homepage of Donna's Dream House so you can see exactly what they do there. I went for a full tour this morning and it is an awesome place to stay at. The rooms are all themed and each has it own suite of rooms for parents and children as well as a bathroom and a communal kitchen. The Playroom is done as a Circus with a train set running around the rail which is hung from the ceiling. Clowns are everywhere.

They also have another building for teenagers which has four rooms with bathrooms and are all done out in wonderful themes - Music Legends, Film Legends, Oriental Legends and Ancient Legends. The "Playroom" is done out as though they were in a space ship and when the lights are turned out the ceiling shows earth and stars which glow - awesome

Len and Barbara lost their daughter Donna to Cancer in 1998 and, along with many volunteers, have given their life and money to other children so they can enjoy what their daughter wished for - hence the name Donna's Dream House

Pop over to the Homepage, have alook and leave a message for them - they are fantastic people

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