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Monday, 8 September 2008

New Items in store again

Saturday afternoon I had a couple of hours to myself when the guests went out so I went through all my folders and files to see what I could get rid of and what I could use. I found loads of stuff that I had put away and just never got round to using anywhere so I decided to sort through it all and upload it to my store at Scraphead.
Scraphead have now got a Dollar Bin where everything is only $1!!
So I added 12 items into there. Do you remember last year i did a kit named Treasure chest? Well I wanted to sell all the items separately (eventually) so that is what I have done with those items. There are also three new items - Tags and Frames - that I have added
It's a Girl is a wonderful little kit to show off the new little girl in your life
At Scraphead for $2
It's a Boy is for the new little boy in your life
At Scraphead for $2

Ribbon and Gem is saved in png and psd format so you can colour it all in one colour or do each part separately
At Scraphead for $2

These are some papers I did and there are four different sets
All at Scraphead for $2 each

Now these are agreat bargain!!
There are 7 overlay grab bags altogether and all at $2 each
You get between 6 and 12 overlays per bag - lucky dip really
There are 66 overlays altogether so you can buy them all for $14 if you buy all 7 packs
All at Scraphead
I did so much zipping, previews, uploading and then typing with putting them in the store that my neck, shoulders and arm are now aching like crazy and I can hardly move them at all. As long as I keep them straight enough I can type lol
Oh the pains of being a designer!! :))
Well going now so I can rest this arm and also get a snack and coffee
Speak again soon

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Crystal Howser said...

Love your new baby kits!

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