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Saturday, 6 September 2008

What a time we have had!!!

Well what a time we seem to have had lately!! No Internet and then we did have it, it was playing up so I could only download and upload one file at a time. Then it would go off for a bit longer- crazy!!!
We contacted the server and of course it isn't their fault. So they sent us some new filters for the lines and that seems to have done the trick - for now. The internet still goes off now and again but usually with bad weather so keep your fingers crossed.
The B&B has been busyish but the Steak House has been doing well. So we have been constantly on our feet here. The Illuminations were turned on on Friday so we get even busier for the next 9 weeks and then we have the end of the season. Things go quiet for us then over Winter till Easter next year so I should be able to get a whole lot of work done on my designing and get some free gifts up and running again. I never realised how little I would get done during the summer until this year. Last year was my first summer with my designing and I wasn't doing half as much as I have been doing this year. I'll know better for next year - may even do a load of work over winter and save it for summer months when I can't do as much.
I've also got a charity psychic night coming up on Thursday 11th September. Two of my friends, Monty Havelock and Helen Chadwick - who are fantastic mediums - will be working together to raise money for a local charity in Blackpool. Donna's Dream House is a charity that has a couple of Bed and Breakfasts in Blackpool and they allow children with terminal illnesses and their families to have a holiday free of charge. I decided to do this charity evening for Donna's Dream House as it is such a brilliant charity started from nothing by a wonderful couple named Len and Barbara who are the parents of Donna. I will let you know how it goes later this week
Anyway I have got loads of new kits in my stores as well as commercial items so just pop over and have a look and see what is available.
Divine Digital has their monthly Grab Bag sale on this weekend and I have one Personal Use ($2) and one Commercial Use Grab Bag (4) in the sale.
Scraphead is also doing great this month - all my new items are there - and they have a daily coupon download instead of their daily download kit for this month. Each designer has made a coupon which you can use in the store - some are for discount from your order, some are free gifts. You never know till you get the coupon! New coupon each day so pop over there and see what you can get for free!!
I have also got a freebie in my store at Scraphead. This week my Mum celebrated her 70th Birthday. 10 years ago she had a series of strokes - and still has the odd one now and again - but she is a tough cookie and has got through them all. She actually is the carer for my Dad!
So to help you celebrate with her I made a mini kit which you can get at Scraphead for free!!
There are 8 papers and 22 elements all done in vintage style
click on image to go to Scraphead
Well I think that is everything for now - I hope that I will be able to update my blog a bt more often now that our internet is working slightly better.
So don't forget to pop over to Scraphead to get your free kit. If you aren't already a member of Scraphead you will have to register.
Speak again soon

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Crystal Howser said...

Thanks for the Freebie Carol, I have already gotten mine :) What a wonderful thing to do for the charity and what wonderful people they must be to let all of those people stay for free. That is proof there are still some great people out there. Glad to hear that your internet is getting better. ~Hugs~

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