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Thursday, 25 June 2009


Today I received an email telling me that I have been named as someone who is buying products and charging back through Paypal and then when I come onto my blog I find a message in my guest book telling me that i am about to be thrown out of the scrapping world for taking peoples money!!!!
Well I can assure you that this person who is doing this is NOT me!!!!!
At the moment the problem is being sorted out and it should be over with very soon but until please be assured ...


Amy W. said...

Hugs girl! It's the same name but she's from a different country. Keep the faith and Happy Scraping!

Acorn Designs said...

The one doing the stealing is from Kentucky, USA not from the UK.

As a store owner I made sure I had the right address to go with the name before I banned someone from my store.

Sorry somone got nasty with you when you are not the one who has done this dead.

Carol said...

Thanks Ladies - I am so happy to have people like you who know me enough to know I would never be involved in something like this. Thanks for your support :)


Crystal Howser said...

I know that you would NEVER do that Carol! Hugs from me and hopefully the mess gets sorted out soon!

Lynne said...

hope this is sorted soon. It is awful when your name gets besmerched and you have done nothing wrong....chin up..Love and hugs

SuzyQ said...

How awful! Hope everything will be sort out soon for you. In the meanwhile, just keep doing what you love to do.
Love, Suzan

Anonymous said...

The person who was accused had her paypal account used without her permission!! She had many overdraft fees from paypal and her bank to pay even though she never got one kit. So people should not judge unless they know the facts. Snobby women and holier than thou to boot. The srapbooking community is full of snippy back stabing people who are no better than any other group of snotty better than you mentality.

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