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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Oh what a week!!!

Well what a week this has been!!!!
Firstly the "wonderful" carry-on with the mistaken identity which is being worked on as we speak - Luckily many people know me and know I would never be involved in something like that.
What do they say? Do unto others as they do unto you - well my version has always been
"Dont do unto others what you wouldnt like done to you!"
Its always worked for me and also makes me think before I speak :)
Then - worst thing ever to happen - my Paint Shop Pro programme just stopped working!!!! Oh my!!! Couldnt get it to open at all !!! Was like a woman without chocolate and the shops are closed!!! Well I think most of you know what THAT feels like!!! Phone calls galore to my Dad to see if he could help and then checking out the site. But it is still not working so now having to work with my other programmes - which is hard now as I had got so used to working with psp and forgotten how to do a few things with the others lol How terrible is that!!! So this weekend will be spent trying different things again. But dont worry I have some new items which will be in the stores by Monday. I had been working hard at the beginning of the week and got a few things done - there are 3 new kits - Sweet Sorbet, Delight and Simply Beautiful and also some more Victorian Rose Tags and 2 more Cluster Templates to add to the collection.
Then yesterday I decided to go for a walk to the local lake with my friend Sarah - beautiful sunny day, bit of wind to keep you cool. Got there and had a lovely Ice Cream and cold drink and then walked round it and back so out 2 hours altogether. By 7pm I looked like a lobster!!! Yes burnt red!!! oooohhhhhh not nice so just applied some of my dry skin lotion and it is easing off a bit. Today I will be staying in for most of the day I think :(
News in the stores:
Dont forget the Daily Downloads at both Magickalscraps and Scraphead
It is also the LAST day of the Solstice Sale at Magickalscraps so you will definitely get a bargain or two there.
So watch this space for previews of the new items and grab yourself a bargain!!!
Have a great day!!!!!

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